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Episode 224 - R2P or: How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Wars of Imperial Aggression

03/31/20125 Comments

If the last three years have taught us anything, it is that the so-called anti-war liberal left can be made to become cheerleaders for the same war agenda that they pretended to deride during the Bush Administration. How was this accomplished? A developing doctrine of international law called "Responsibility to Protect." Join us this week as we expose the liberal "war is peace" agenda and ponder how best to disarm it.

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Foreign intervention undermined by Assad peace deal


Foreign intervention undermined by Assad peace... by corbettreport

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Interview 483 - Pepe Escobar on R2P and MEK


Today we talk to veteran investigative journalist about the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine by which NATO has begun waging its "humanitarian" wars around the world. We discuss where this idea came from, how it has been used, and the way it is shaping international geopolitics. We also talk about the MEK, a bizarre terror cult that is increasingly popular inside the beltway in Washington.

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Interview 411 - Julien Teil

11/17/20110 Comments

Today we talk to Julien Teil, the creator of an important documentary on the lead up to war in Libya called "The Humanitarian War." We discuss the background research that shows how well-connected NGOs constructed a case for intervention in Libya without any evidence whatsoever to prove what they were alleging. We also talk about the possibility that we are watching the exact same events playing out in Syria at the moment and how people can help Julien complete his full-length documentary.

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