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Interview 1192 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

07/14/201617 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: the US signs on to plans for a UN peace bomb force; military contractors salivate over armed police robot contracts; and a Patriot Act expansion is staved off...for now.

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NGOs, the Pentagon, and the Human Rights - Industrial Complex


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Interview 1169 - Patrick Henningsen Exposes the Human Rights - Industrial Complex

05/02/20164 Comments

Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire joins us today to discuss his recent article on "Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex." Topics discussed include the NGO/State Dept/Pentagon/NATO nexus, the use of human rights as a perception management tool to demonise NATO enemies, and the complicity of the media in reporting these stories uncritically.

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Selling War to the Public - An Interview with James Corbett


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The Best of Pepe Escobar (Video)


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Corbett Report Radio 204 - The Best of Pepe Escobar


Following our conversation with Pepe Escobar earlier this week, tonight we dip into The Corbett Report archives to highlight some of our previous conversations with the Asia Times Online correspondent. Tonight we look at pipeline politics, the Palestinian bid for UN membership, and the R2P humanitarian bombing paradigm.

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Syrian Girl on the Global Agenda (video)


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Interview 510 - Syrian Girl on the Global Agenda


Syrian Girl joins us once again to go over the latest in Syria, including the (predicted) breakdown in the Annan peace deal and the likely next steps in the escalation of the conflict. We also discuss the larger agenda of global conflict and global government and what the average person can do in the face of these geopolitical nightmares.

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Love Bombs for Syria? - Syrian Girl on Intervention and Hypocrisy


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Interview 495 - Syrian Girl on the Syrian Intervention


The Syrian commentator known online as "Syrian Girl" joins us to go over the latest news on the moves toward outside intervention in Syria. We talk about the hypocrisy underlying the entire humanitarian intervention ideology and the real agenda that is driving this overthrow of the Syrian government.

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