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Interview 1545 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/14/2020182 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Plandemic planners threaten a dark winter for America; the reopening comes with strings attached; and reality has officially overtaken science fiction.

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The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan


If a movie is based on a book that is based on a real experiment that later actually happens in real life, is it “real” or “fiction.” Join us today on The Corbett Report as we step through the looking glass in search of information about Sirhan Sirhan, the shooting of RFK, CIA mind control experiments, and the blurring of the line between real life and fantasy.

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The Purge: Election Year – FLNWO (video)


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The Purge: Election Year – FLNWO #38

09/19/201622 Comments

The sElection is upon us and the tensions are rising as the summer of rage gives way to the autumn of our discontent. And wouldn’t you know it, Hollywood is already programming purges, legalized murder and “anarchy” into the population. This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order James Evan Pilato joins James Corbett to discuss The Purge: Election Year.

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Interview 1086 – James Corbett on the Battle for Your Mind

09/06/201510 Comments

Today James joins Dan Schultz of New Culture Radio on KFUG 101.1 FM to discuss market manipulations, government lies, false flag predictions, and other aspects of the battle for consciousness that defines our modern era. We also discuss how the exposure of these lies and manipulations is vital to the revolution in consciousness that presents the true solution to these problems.

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Why Are You Against Globalism? – #QFC (video)


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Why Are You Against Globalism? – Questions For Corbett #023

06/30/201526 Comments

James takes some time out of packing for his summer vacation to answer your queries in this month’s edition of Questions For Corbett. This month he tackles: the CIA and the Iranian nuclear program; the problems of the debt-money paradigm; globalism as an ideology; the predictive programming problem, and much more.

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Brazil – FLNWO #26

05/19/201528 Comments

Satire? Farce? Romance? Comedy? Documentary? Dream? Mundane reality? A subversive critique of the system, or merely more predictive programming of an inescapable tyranny? Join us on this month’s edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order as we attempt to answer the deceptively simple question: What is “Brazil”?

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Interview 1020 – Simon Krimms Authors an anti-NWO Children’s Book

03/31/20157 Comments

Today we’re joined on the program by Simon Krimms, an English teacher in Japan who has authored “Rollerdog,” a book “designed for little people growing up in the brave new world (order) of the 21st century.” Through his inventive tale and multi-layered illustrations, Krimms hopes to deprogram children from the NWO matrix without fear while providing a warning for parents about the world around us.

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Contagion – FLNWO #19

09/15/201437 Comments

This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order, Tim Kilkenny of RevelationsRadioNews joins us to discuss the 2011 propaganda film, “Contagion.” We examine “Participant Media,” the media venture of billionaire Jeff Skoll that produces “social action campaigns” for each of its 55 films and seeks to shape public debate in five main target areas, including pandemic disease. In this episode, James and Tim dissect the propaganda techniques and message of the film and point out how the film seeks to shape the opinions of the audience.

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