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Shemitah 2015 – Prediction or Quackery?


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Interview 1083 – Berwick and Corbett Debate the Shemitah

09/02/201534 Comments

Today James is joined by Jeff Berwick of dollarvigilante.com to discuss his new video “Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015” and his forthcoming book on the subject. They share their views of what the Shemitah is and isn’t and discuss the value of promoting this prophecy as a warning for the coming financial chaos.

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Is The World Going to End on September 23, 2015?

08/30/201537 Comments

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New World Next Year – 2015

12/20/20140 Comments

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Interview 984 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

12/19/201411 Comments

On this year end wrap-up edition of New World Next Week, James and James look back at the biggest trend of 2014 and look ahead to predict a trend for 2015.

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The Software That Can Predict the Future – #NewWorldNextWeek

02/15/20140 Comments

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Interview 825 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/14/20140 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: algorithms are being used to predict the geopolitical future; additives and chemicals are being removed from more foods as corporations run scared; and James and James run through some updates to old NWNW stories.

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Interview 572 – The Year Ahead: James Corbett on Revelations Radio News

01/06/20130 Comments

As 2013 is underway, join us as we talk to our good friend James Corbett about the coming year. Some the issues that we tackle are the mainstream media, the alternative media, the European Union, Syria, Russia Today, the crash of PLF 101, the economy, and the mass media coverage of Sandy Hook. Ultimately, we talk about how each of us are capable of changing the world around us, and that sitting back waiting for the next tragedy is the real tragedy.

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Interview 571 – 2013 Trends: James Corbett on The Financial Survival Network

01/05/20130 Comments

James appears on Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival network to discuss trends and predictions for the year ahead, including: 1) Heightened attacks on internet freedom, 2) Greater use of contrived emergencies to help foster and implement regional governments, leading to one world government, and 3) More locally produced food to improve nutrition and help take people off the food grid. So it’s not all doom and gloom for the year ahead, but you need to be very careful and aware of the coming changes.

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Corbett Report Radio 273 – 2013: The Prediction Game

12/19/20120 Comments

‘Tis the season of prediction, and as we look ahead to 2013 James delivers a warning about the prediction fever that sweeps the media at this time of year. Having said that, we’ll also take a look at some of the trends that are likely to shape the world around us in the year ahead.

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