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Episode 113 – Meet George Soros

01/17/20102 Comments

Running Time: 59:57 Description:George Soros is a billionaire financier, a political meddler, a convicted criminal and a population control advocate. Find out about his vision for the New World Order on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report. Documentation Documentation – Meet Mikey, 8: U.S. Has Him on Watch List Time Reference: 03:00 Description: Real […]

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Episode 041 – Food is a Weapon

05/11/200812 Comments

What do the Rockefellers, the Gates, Monsanto, the Norwegian government and other nefarious entities have to do with the doomsday seed vault? And what is their endgame. Let’s connect the dots and find out who the enemy really is.

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Episode 040 – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

05/04/20084 Comments

Obama’s pastor recently made some controversial remarks about AIDS as a biological weapon and the truth about Saddam’s stockpiles. So is there any truth to his claims? Welcome to the quiet war.

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Episode 006 – Feudalism 2.0

07/06/20070 Comments

Today we examine the implications of a fearful new religion that is being promoted in the mainstream media to introduce a new feudal society to the public.

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