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Earth to Trump: America Is ALREADY A Socialist Country

02/10/201922 Comments

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Interview 1378 – James Corbett on Voluntaryism and Conspiracies

08/20/201870 Comments

James Corbett joins Keith Knight of Don’t Tread on Anyone to discuss the philosophy of voluntaryism and the role that conspiracy research played in shaping his understanding of the real nature of politics. Also, don’t miss James’ left field answer to the question of the must-read book he would recommend.

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Exploding the Collectivist Agenda (video)


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Interview 1073 – Richard Heathen Explodes the Collectivist Agenda

08/11/201518 Comments

Richard Heathen of LibertyMachineNews.com joins us today to discuss his documentary film, “Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism.” We discuss the meaning and history of collectivism, how it was inserted into the educational curriculum by the large corporate foundations of the robber barons, and how it is shaping society today through cultural Marxism and identity politics.

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Lionel on Trial for Anarchist Thought Crimes (video)

05/16/20150 Comments

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Interview 1041 – Lionel on Trial for Anarchist Thought Crimes

05/15/201520 Comments

Today on The Corbett Report, Lionel of LionelMedia.com is put on trial for his blasphemy against the statist sacrament of voting. We also discuss a recent video in which Lionel embraces the idea of anarchism.

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Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” – FLNWO #22

12/15/20142 Comments

On this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we are joined by Roderick Long of the Austro-Athenian Empire blog to discuss Charles Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Is Ebeneezer Scrooge a model of the modern libertarian, or is this image a distortion of what it means to be libertarian? Join us for this very philosophical examination of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

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Interview 875 – The BFP Roundtable Debates Anarchy, Socialism and Libertarianism

05/03/20140 Comments

What is anarchy, anyway, and why would anyone want it? Is our political potential circumscribed by “human nature” or is “human nature” an artificial construct designed merely to reinforce the status quo? And who will scrub the toilets in an anarchist society? Tune in to this heated edition of the BFP Roundtable for the answers to these questions and many more.

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Meet Adam Curtis, Establishment Contrarian (video)

02/23/20131 Comment

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Episode 259 – Meet Adam Curtis, Establishment Contrarian

02/23/201316 Comments

The Power of Nightmares. The Century of the Self. Pandora’s Box. All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace. If you’re familiar with the alternative media, you’ve doubtless come across references to the documentary work of Adam Curtis. But besides the well-known examples of brilliance within Curtis’ work is a deeply doctrinaire strain that seeks to normalize mainstream history and convince us that the driving ideologies of the political elite are exactly what they say they are. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we deconstruct Curtis’ documentaries and look for the deeper meaning behind the globalist ideology.

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