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Interview 559 - James Corbett on Deadline Live with Jack Blood

11/27/20121 Comment

James joins Jack for his monthly appearance on the Jack Blood Show on No Agenda Global Radio. This month they talk about James' trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the 9/11 Revisited conference. Other topics include the recent Israeli aggression in Palestine, final thoughts on the Petraeus affair, the Mumbai massacre as false flag, and much more.

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Interview 556 - James Corbett on the Petraeus Affair on Ground Zero Radio

11/15/20121 Comment

As the mainstream media seizes upon the salacious details of yet another sex scandal, there is circumstantial evidence to suggest that this could be the fulfillment of some hyperreality with the aid of a blueprint that was produced 50 years ago. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis looks at the mounting speculation that there may be a military coup afoot here in these barely United States. With a special guest appearance by James Corbett, this is called a ‘Coup Du Jour: Peace Is Just As Big A Threat As War‘!

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Corbett Report Radio 258 - Petraeus Updates, Headlines and Open Phones

11/15/20120 Comments

The Petraeus affair continues to unfold as it looks more and more like a Night of the Long Knives taking place amongst America's top brass. Tonight James covers the latest on the Petraeus front, as well as covering other news and headlines, playing the latest track from Joshua Owens, and taking your calls.

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Operation Betrayus: From Benghazi to Brennan

11/13/20121 Comment

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Corbett Report Radio 256 - Operation Betrayus: From Benghazi to Brennan

11/13/20125 Comments

The shockwaves of the Petraeus affair are still being felt in Washington. Predictably the media focus is on the prurient nation of the scandal, but this is no ordinary sex scandal. Join us tonight on the program as we look at some of the implications of the affair from "access" journalism to blackmail to Benghazi and CIA secret prisons and the question of who will step in to fill his shoes.

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The Petraeus Affair and the Benghazi Cover-up

11/12/20121 Comment

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