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Interview 436 - Rick Rozoff

12/16/20110 Comments

Rick Rozoff of Stop NATO International joins us to discuss the scandal of the Manas Air Base, a facility in Kyrgyzstan that has been strategically important for the US in staging and transportation to supply its decade-long occupation of Afghanistan. We discuss the history of US-Kyrgyz relations, years-long rumblings from the Kyrgyz political establishment to kick the US out of Manas, its possible use as a drug-smuggling facility, and more. We also talk about the moves toward WWIII occurring across the South Asian and Greater Middle East region and what, if anything, can be done to stop it.

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Interview 433 - Michel Chossudovsky

12/13/20110 Comments

Michel Chossudovsky of GlobalResearch.ca joins us to discuss the worrying steps toward a greater middle east conflict that threatens to gulf the entire region. From Syria to Iran to Pakistan to Palestine, each situation represents a potential spark that could ignite the powder keg that will lead to World War III. We discuss the implications of this situation and the lack of concern on the part of the public and the so-called anti-war movement.

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Corbett Report Radio 012 - The Grand Chessboard with Michael Vail

11/16/20110 Comments

Tonight we talk to Michael Vail of StratRisks.com, a website examining the geopolitics behind the headlines of the mainstream media. We discuss the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the ramp-up to war in Iran and the collapse of the Eurozone. We also take your calls.

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Sunday Update 2011/06/12

06/12/20110 Comments

The US Agent and the Mumbai Massacre

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Episode 188 - Listening to the Enemy

05/28/20114 Comments

Figuring out what the global power elite are trying to accomplish requires no crystal ball or decoder ring. They say it openly, every day, in speeches and publications that are freely available to the public. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we dive into some of the enemy propaganda to see if we can find what the oligarchs are thinking...and what they are planning to do next.

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Sunday Update - 2011/05/08

05/08/20110 Comments

The Osama Deception

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The Osama Psyop - James Corbett on The Alex Jones Show

05/04/20110 Comments

Independent journalist James Corbett of the Corbett Report, gives his take on the latest saga in the so called death of Osama Bin Laden.

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Interview 295 - James Evan Pilato

02/25/20110 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Japan gets it's own CIA; a CIA officer is held for murdering two Pakistanis; and Rahm Emanuel is elected mayor of Chicago.

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