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Interview 1303 – Financial Survival in the China World Order

09/29/201711 Comments

James Corbett joins Alfred Adask for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. They discuss James’ presentation on “Echoes of WWI” and how the Chinese-led “alternative” infrastructure is part and parcel of the predetermined globalist “solution” to the coming crisis.

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FT Admits NWO Gatekeepers Heading for “Marie Antoinette Moment”

11/30/201627 Comments

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How the Banksters Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

09/15/20156 Comments

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Interview 1039 – X22 Report: Oligarchy, Censorship and Collapse

05/09/20152 Comments

Today James appears on the X22 Report to discuss the latest moves by the oligarchy to raise the New World Order from the ashes of the current world order. We also talk about the new “virtual false flag” paradigm of cyber attacks and cyber warfare, online censorship, martial law and much more.

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Interview 1036 – Financial Survival: Tyranny By Treaty

05/01/20150 Comments

In this week’s conversation on Financial Survival James and Alfred discuss the latest on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and how treaties like the TPP are increasingly being used to merge national economies and political structures behind the scenes. We also talk about China’s role in the New World Order and how the oligarchy perpetuates itself behind various political systems.

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Out With the Old, In With The New World Order – The Asia-Pacific Perspective

04/30/20150 Comments

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Interview 1033 – The Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West

04/29/20150 Comments

This month on The Asia-Pacific Perspective: Asian leaders herald New World Order; Australian presenter gets in hot water for ANZAC comments; and Japan and the US further strengthen their military alliance.

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Interview 1032 – SGT Report: Chinese BRICS in the New World Order

04/28/20153 Comments

The West is being engineered into a world system of governance and government that can only come about through the rise of the East. It’s been puppeteered from the very start. There is no doubt that China’s rise right now is something that has been long planned for and carefully engineered.

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China and the New World Order (transcript)

04/21/20152 Comments

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What is the New World Order? (video)

01/03/20153 Comments

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