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The NDAA: Just one more link in the chain of tyranny

01/15/20120 Comments

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Corbett Report Radio 043 – Keeping the Oath with Stewart Rhodes

01/06/20120 Comments

Stewart Rhodes of OathKeepers.org joins us to go over the legislative history that has led us to the NDAA’s doorstep. From ex parte Milligan to HR3166, Rhodes breaks down how the Bill of Rights has been methodically stripped from America and what his organization is doing about it.

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Corbett Report Radio 042 – The NDAA And You with Lt. Eric Shine

01/05/20120 Comments

On tonight’s broadcast we talk to Lt. Eric Shine of RBN’s “In The Zone” about his case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and how it relates to the NDAA. We also discuss the next atrocity coming down the legislate pipeline: HR 3166 aka the Enemy Expatriation Act.

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