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America's Global War: Strategy and Empire


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Interview 1181 - Michel Chossudovsky Dissects America's Global War

06/23/20169 Comments

As NATO forces conduct full-scale military exercises on Russia’s doorstep, the world’s attention once again turns to Eastern Europe. But as Professor Michel Chossudovsky, author of Towards A WWIII Scenario and The Globalization of War points out, in this era of total warfare, the real threat is not just a military one and its scope is truly global.

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Brandon Turbeville Explains the Plan to Break Up Syria


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Interview 1155 - Brandon Turbeville Explains the Plan to Break Up Syria

04/03/201610 Comments

Brandon Turbeville of BrandonTurbeville.com joins us to discuss his recent article, "Kurdish Federalization Reminiscent Of Kerry's Plan B, Brzezinski, NATO's Plan A." We break down the Kurdish groups that are involved in the plan and the globalist institutions that have shaped it.

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Brussels Is A Hub for (NATO) Terrorism

03/27/20161 Comment

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The Truth About NATO's Expansion in Montenegro


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Interview 1145 - Filip Kovacevic Counters the West's NATO Propaganda

02/28/20163 Comments

Late last year NATO granted a formal membership invitation to Montenegro. How did the New York Times respond to this development? "Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO." But what do the people of Montenegro think? Joining us today to give us the missing part of the story is Dr. Filip Kovacevic, chairman of the Movement for the Neutrality of Montenegro and a senior analyst for Newsbud.com.

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New World Next Year - 2016


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Interview 1119 - New World Next Year with James Evan Pilato

12/18/201519 Comments

On this 2016 edition of New World Next Year: from global conflict and money madness to daddy government and divide-and-conquer, James and James go through the top stories of 2015 and look ahead to the trends that will shape the world next year.

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Is Erdogan Being Set Up For A NATO-backed Coup?

12/06/201521 Comments

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