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Corbett Report Radio 057 - Solving the Money Problem with Matthew Slater

01/26/20121 Comment

The creator of the Drupal mutual credit module, Matthew Slater of matslats.net, joins us to discuss the problems with our current monetary system and what can be done to create a completely different economy. From mutual credit systems to gifting economies, we dissect the ways people can join in the monetary revolution.

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Corbett Report Radio 003 - Money as Debt with Paul Grignon

11/03/20110 Comments

What is money? Where does it come from? Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting foreclosed on? What can we do to change this system for the better? Tonight on Corbett Report Radio we talk to Paul Grignon, the creator of the "Money as Debt" documentary series about a very different way of organizing the economy: self-issued credit.

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Interview 245 - Bill Still

10/21/20100 Comments

The maker of the excellent documentary The Secret of Oz joins us to discuss monetary reform and the real secret behind our money system. For more information, please buy a copy of the film from SecretofOz.com.

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Episode 155 - The Secret of Oz

10/20/20100 Comments

This week on Documentaries That Matter we present The Secret of Oz from researcher and filmmaker Bill Still. In this documentary, Bill Still explores the real problem behind our current monetary system and the extremely simple answer that has been known about for centuries...an answer contained in the real meaning of Oz.

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Episode 154 - The Cross of Gold

10/17/20101 Comment

What is the essence of money? Is it a store of value? Is it a medium of exchange? Should it be both, or should they be separated? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the history of William Jennings Bryan and the Populists, The Wizard of Oz, and the real nature of money.

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Episode 139 - Know Your History: Colonial Scrip

07/25/20102 Comments

Running Time: 56:00 Description:We know that the banksters have enslaved society in a perpetual cycle of debt servitude...but what is to be done? Join us this week as we delve into history for an example of a people taking the power of money creation into their own hands. Documentation Documentation - Zero Point Radio donation […]

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Interview 202 - Ellen Brown

07/24/20100 Comments

Ellen Brown, the author of the popular Web of Debt, joins us to discuss the historical colonial scrip currency and its possibility as a model for our future.

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Interview 045 - Patrick Carmack

09/18/20080 Comments

Patrick Carmack, producer of The Money Masters and author of a Monetary Reform Act--both available from themoneymasters.com--discusses the breakdown of the current financial order and his ideas on the way the economy should be structured.

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Episode 055 - How to Fix the Economy

09/14/20080 Comments

We know what's wrong with the economy: money itself is created out of nothing in the form of debt owed to private bankers. How then to fix the problem? Return money to a gold backing? Let the government print as much debt-free money as it needs? Or something else entirely. We explore the issues in this week's episode of The Corbett Report.

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Interview 044 - Richard C. Cook

09/12/20083 Comments

Former US Treasury Department analyst Richard C. Cook joins us to offer his opinion on monetary reform and how to fix the economy

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