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Opposing the Syrian War Propaganda - Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

09/13/20130 Comments

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Interview 745 - Michel Chossudovsky Calls Out the Pro-War Progressives

09/10/20130 Comments

Today Professor Michel Chossudovsky of GlobalResearch.ca joins us from Montreal to discuss the latest moves toward war on Syria. We talk about the geopolitical and economic ramifications of a potential strike on Syria, the likely response from Syria's allies, and the so-called "anti-war" progressives who have avoided questioning the legitimacy of Obama and the other war criminals currently manning the helm of the US war machine.

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Interview 678 - Michel Chossudovsky on the End of the Syrian Ground War

06/11/20130 Comments

In this in-depth interview, Professor Michel Chossudovsky of GlobalResearch.ca joins us to discuss the failure of the NATO-led, Israeli/Qatari/Saudi/Turkey supported terrorist insurgency in Syria. We talk about the implications of this failure and where things are headed from hear. We also discuss the media's complicity in the war crimes committed in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere, and the role of the alternative media in countering that disinformation.

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Interview 628 - Michel Chossudovsky on Pope Francis I

03/19/20131 Comment

With the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the next Pope comes some ghosts from his past. As evidence continues to mount that Bergoglio was complicit in the Dirty War of the Argentinian military junta in the late 1970s, we talk to Michel Chossudovsky about his latest article, "'Washington’s Pope'? Who is Pope Francis I? Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s 'Dirty War'."

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