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Interview 1131 – Elaine Dewar on Maurice Strong’s Cloak of Green

02/02/20168 Comments

In the early 1990s Canadian author, researcher and journalist Elaine Dewar had the chance to meet and interview Maurice Strong for her book, Cloak of Green: The Links between Key Environmental Groups, Government and Big Business. Today she joins The Corbett Report to discuss Strong’s career and her discovery of the business and political interests behind the NGOs shaping the environmental movement.

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Meet Maurice Strong: Globalist, Oiligarch, “Environmentalist”

02/01/20166 Comments

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Maurice Strong is Dead

12/02/201514 Comments

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Episode 087 – The UN Doesn’t Love You

05/24/20093 Comments

Critics of the United Nations will attack its hypocrisy, its inefficacy or its occasional embarrasments. But what if there was something more disturbing about the UN, something that went right to the core of the organization? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we follow the exploits of the unlikely high school dropout from Manitoba who became an international player for the UN global depopulation agenda.

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