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Interview 095 - Nigel Farage

09/01/20090 Comments

The Corbett Report talks to Nigel Farage, Member of European Parliament for SouthEast England and leader of the UK Independence Party about his party, its philosophy and the possible implications of the Treaty of Lisbon.

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Interview 091 - Anthony Coughlan

08/24/20090 Comments

Anthony Coughlan is a Senior Lecturer Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin and the Secretary of the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre. He joins us to discuss the upcoming Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty and how, if passed, it will erode the national sovereignty of all EU member states and create a federalist […]

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Interview 090 - Simon Murphy and Paul Flynn

08/21/20090 Comments

With Ireland's second vote on the Lisbon Treaty just weeks away, Simon Murphy and Paul Flynn of TruthCoalitionIreland.org and SovereignIndependent.org join us to discuss what is at stake. We discuss the 16 page newspaper they have created to inform the public about what Lisbon will really do and we discuss how others can help support […]

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Interview 084 - Daniel Estulin

05/14/20090 Comments

Daniel Estulin, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, joins us to talk about this year's conference in 2009. We discuss topics up for discussion at this year's conference, including the planned destruction of what remains of the world economy and how to stop the Irish from voting No on the Lisbon Treaty […]

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Interview 030 - Andy Baker

05/24/20080 Comments

We talk to Andy Baker of We Are Change UK about some of their actions, including confrontations with former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove. We also discuss We Are Change Radio, SOCPA the Lisbon Treaty and other important issues of our age.

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Episode 037 - Globalization is Not Your Friend

03/16/20082 Comments

Despite what you are being led to believe, the development of regional (or global) government is not not a natural progression and it is not a good thing. Those who oppose it are not luddites and those who promote it are not angels. It will not feed and clothe the poor and it will not make the world safe for democracy...and especially not for constitutional republics. So what is globalization?...

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