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Interview 887 - Connie Fournier Recounts Her Defamation Lawsuit Nightmare

05/18/20140 Comments

FreeDominion.ca was a Canadian political discussion forum that began in 2001 and was shut down earlier this year as a result of an Ontario Superior Court decision on a defamation case that was brought against the website. Today we talk to co-webmaster Connie Fournier about the website's Kafkaesque legal ordeal and how Canadian law allows individuals to sue webmasters over anonymous comments...even if they are deleted from the web.

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Interview 660 - Radio Liberty: The Illusion of the Rule of Law

05/14/20131 Comment

This week on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, James discusses the recent scandal over the IRS' targeting of tea party and patriot groups for extra scrutiny in their 501c4 filings. James and Stan discuss the illusion of the rule of law and how that is finally being peeled back for everyone to see. They also take your calls on a range of subjects, from the internet sales tax to the cashless society to the Federal Reserve.

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International Law? (video)

03/09/20130 Comments

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Episode 261 - International Law?

03/09/20133 Comments

Truth. Justice. Accountability. The idea of an international rule of law appeals to our innate sense of justice, but the most horrific plans are often cloaked in the most beautiful lies. Just as the ideals of international law are used to cloak the imperial ambitions of the globalists, so too is the idea of seeking justice in these controlled courtrooms a phoney pipe dream. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore the only real solution to this problem: removing the bodyguard of lies from the power elite and to withdrawing ourselves from the systems that seek to legitimize their rule.

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"Mandatory" Vaccinations (and how to avoid them) (video)

10/10/20122 Comments

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Corbett Report Radio 234 - "Mandatory" Vaccinations (and how to avoid them)

10/10/20120 Comments

Tonight we talk to Alan Phillips, JD of VaccineRights.com and PandemicResponseProject.com about the tricky legal minefield surrounding vaccine exemptions and waivers in the US. We also discuss pandemic emergency response and medical martial law, as well as what people can do to obtain reliable and accurate information about saying "no" to vaccines.

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Corbett Report Radio 092 - Intellectual Property and Internet Censorship


As copyright law becomes the battleground upon which internet censorship is fought, it is increasingly important to understand what copyright is, where it comes from, and where it's going. Tonight on the program we explore the intellectual property paradigm and explore the libertarian fight against the ownership of ideas.

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New World Next Week - 2011/10/20

10/20/20110 Comments

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Courts Rule US Government Above the Law

10/19/20110 Comments

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US Judges Rule Government is Above Law (Video)

10/18/20110 Comments

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