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Citizen Kane - FLNWO #14

04/21/20140 Comments

This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order James teams up with James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com to dissect the man, the myth and the legend of Citizen Kane. From the brilliance of the film's production to an examination of the Hearst/Kane/Welles parallels to a discussion about art attacking power, this wide-ranging podcast covers it all.

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Interview 275 - James Evan Pilato

01/20/20110 Comments

This week on The New World Next Week: the Chinese puppet-in-chief visits the American puppet-in-chief as the puppet masters announce the death of the dollar; the NY Times finally admits that USrael was behind the Stuxnet worm in Iran; and the Obamessiah announces more phoney deregulation as the Titanic's deck chairs get shuffled around.

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Interview 260 - James Evan Pilato

12/09/20100 Comments

This week on The New World Next Week: The Wikileaks circus could result in the first steps toward the iPatriot Act; the French bank run has faltered, but the people can still strike back at JP Morgan with a silver bullet; and we take a sneak preview at a James Corbett-James Evan Pilato collaboration from The Corbett Report's forthcoming DVD video archive.

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Interview 257 - James Evan Pilato

12/02/20100 Comments

This week on The New World Next Week: The FBI sets up another clueless patsy and then applauds themselves for stopping their own bomb; the authorities make a bold move toward outright internet surveillance; the food 'safety' act is passed; and at least one listener proposes an interesting form of resistance.

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Episode 115 - The Alternative Alternative Media

01/31/20101 Comment

Running Time: 1:00:02 Description:If the establishment media is puppeteering the alternative media, what does that leave us but ourselves? And why would we want to rely on anything else? From online radio to door-to-door newspapers, podcasting and vodcasting, we are becoming the media. Join the alternative revolution this week on The Corbett Report. Documentation Documentation […]

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