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A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man - FLNWO (Video)


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Interview 442 - Thomas Sheridan

01/03/20120 Comments

The author of Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath joins us to talk about psychopaths and their role in our society. We discuss how people can become psychopath-free in their personal life, as well as what we can do about psychopaths in positions of power. We also talk about modern art, the Eurozone, and Ireland's role in the New World Order.

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Interview 328 - Brian Smyth

05/05/20110 Comments

Today we're joined by Brian Smyth, a researcher and radio host from Ireland who has been researching personal sovereignty and solutions to the problems created from legal strawmen and fraudulent debt. Tune in to his radio program on TNSRadio on Friday nights at 9:00 PM Dublin time.

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Interview 167 - Neil Foster and Dave Derby

05/10/20100 Comments

Dave Derby and Neil Foster of SovereignIndependent.com join us to discuss their recent confrontation of David Rockefeller at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Dublin, Ireland.

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Interview 126 - Dave Derby and Neil Foster

01/23/20100 Comments

The men behind Ireland's Sovereign Independent truth newspaper join The Corbett Report to discuss the alternative press and spreading truth to hundreds of thousands of Irish households.

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Interview 091 - Anthony Coughlan

08/24/20090 Comments

Anthony Coughlan is a Senior Lecturer Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin and the Secretary of the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre. He joins us to discuss the upcoming Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty and how, if passed, it will erode the national sovereignty of all EU member states and create a federalist […]

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Interview 090 - Simon Murphy and Paul Flynn

08/21/20090 Comments

With Ireland's second vote on the Lisbon Treaty just weeks away, Simon Murphy and Paul Flynn of TruthCoalitionIreland.org and SovereignIndependent.org join us to discuss what is at stake. We discuss the 16 page newspaper they have created to inform the public about what Lisbon will really do and we discuss how others can help support […]

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