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Episode 112 – Showdown in Copenhagen

12/13/20093 Comments

Running Time: 56:10 Description:The showdown is on in Copenhagen. Join us this week as we break down the political, scientific and historical background that helps to expose the carbon eugenics fraud. Documentation Documentation – Arrest the Crimatologists Contest Time Reference: 03:06 Description: Details on the contest and how to enter. Link To: The Corbett Report […]

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Episode 110a – Climategate

11/29/20096 Comments

Running Time: 1:00:01 Description:Just as the oligarchs are moving to consolidate their power in a new global governmental scheme based on the manmade climate change scare, their fraud has been exposed. The source code doesn’t lie, unlike the scientists who have perverted the good name of science in the pursuit of their political goals. Join […]

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