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Interview 292 - In The Zone

02/19/20110 Comments

This week on In The Zone we discuss the royal obsession with getting the public to prostrate before them. Other topics discussed include the "revolutions" in Egypt and elsewhere, the German influence over world affairs, and the goings on at CERN.

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Interview 281 - In The Zone

01/29/20110 Comments

This week on In The Zone we discuss the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the alleged supplier of information to Wikileaks. We also discuss Lt. Shine's ongoing prosecution by the Coast Guard and take calls.

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Interview 277 - In The Zone

01/22/20110 Comments

No guests this week as your co-hosts Lt. Eric Shine and James Corbett take calls and discuss the details of Lt. Shine's precedent-setting constitution-savaging court martial by the Coast Guard.

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Interview 274 - In The Zone

01/15/20110 Comments

No guests this week as we discuss Lt. Shine's case and take your calls.

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Interview 270 - In The Zone w/Rosalind Peterson

01/08/20110 Comments

Rosalind Peterson joins us on the program to discuss the upcoming 5-year Navy Warfare Testing program that threatens to seriously disrupt marine ecosystems in all coastal areas of the United States. We also take calls and discuss related issues.

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Interview 264 - In The Zone

12/12/20100 Comments

The callers call in this week on In The Zone, as we talk to people from both hemispheres about WTC7, the Law of the Sea Treaty, brain chips and flash mobs and more.

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Interview 259 - In The Zone

12/04/20100 Comments

No guests this week as James Corbett and Lt. Eric Shine discuss the news, break down Lt. Shine's ongoing case with the Coast Guard and discuss the week's news.

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Interview 254 - In The Zone with Peter Phillips

11/20/20100 Comments

James Corbett co-hosts In The Zone on RepublicBroadcasting.org with Lt. Eric Shine each Saturday night at 9:00 PM Pacific (12 midnight Eastern). This week we are joined by Peter Phillips of Project Censored to talk about censorship, the media, and the possibility of real change in our society.

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