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Corbett Report Radio 093 - What is Revolution? with Aaron Franz


Aaron Franz of TheAgeofTransitions.com joins us tonight to discuss the concept of revolution. What does it mean? Is it inevitable? Are we being led to believe that revolution is our only option? Join us tonight on Corbett Report Radio as we explore these and other questions about the future of humanity.

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Episode 034 - The Scientific Dictatorship

02/24/20081 Comment

Aldous Huxley popularized the term Scientific Dictatorship to talk about his dystopian vision of a human society divided into scientific castes, but the idea preceded him and persists today, and the meme continues to infect the mind of globalists. This week we explore the meaning of the term and all of its eugenicist implications.

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Episode 028 - Eugenics Never Really Went Away

01/13/20081 Comment

Was the pseudoscience of eugenics really invented in Germany by the Nazis? And what happened to this once-dominant idea after the horrors of WWII? How does this relate to environmentalism, transhumanism and modern genetics?

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