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The Struggle For Health Freedom


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Corbett Report Radio 073 - The Fight Against Fluoridation with Dr. Paul Connett


Dr. Paul Connett is a retired professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology. He is the Director of the Fluoride Action Network at fluoridealert.org, which details the documented health effects of water fluoridation, from lowered IQ to increase in bone cancer. Tonight on the program we talk about the fight against fluoridation and how the people in community after community are taking the power back into their own hands and getting the fluoride removed from the water supply.

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Interview 380 - Bob Chapman

10/03/20110 Comments

Regular weekly guest, Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster joins us to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protests and the possibility for a true revolution in understanding about the way power operates in American society. We also discuss health and health freedom issues.

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Interview 059 - Mike Adams

01/31/20090 Comments

The Corbett Report talks to Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com about his recently-released hip-hop singles from his online album Beyond All Reason. We also discuss the bankster bailout, health freedom, the cancer industry, the vaccination hoax and taking responsibility for defending your own liberty.

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