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The CIA’s ‘Pokémon Go’ App is Doing What the Patriot Act Can’t

07/14/201618 Comments

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The Library of Babel – FLNWO #27

06/16/201526 Comments

The universe is the internet is the library is the internet is the universe. Or is it? And if so, who are the librarians? And if we have all the information we can ever want, does that mean we have knowledge or wisdom? If not, how do we make it? Or who will make it for us? Join James this month for a Film, Literature and the New World Order examination of “The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luis Borges.

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Who’s Afraid of the Internet? Elites panic as information control flounders

05/20/201514 Comments

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Who is Behind the Ukrainian Riots? – New World Next Week

01/25/20140 Comments

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Interview 811 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/24/20140 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: chaos ratchets up around the world as Ukrainian and Thai protests get bloody; a judge rules an IP address can’t be sued for piracy; and a moviegoer is questioned by Homeland Security for wearing Google Glass.

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DARPA Exposed (video)


Tonight on the program James discusses the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, its ridiculous past, its off-putting present and its nightmarish future.

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Corbett Report Radio 265 – DARPA Exposed

12/05/20129 Comments

The internet. GPS. Windows. Videoconferencing. Siri. Smart dust. Why isn’t it common knowledge that these technologies started as DARPA-funded projects? When the government, defense contractors and tech giants team up to create the next generation of military technology, who wins and who loses? Find out on tonight’s broadcast.

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Silicon Spies: The US government and the tech revolution


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