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Interview 399 - Splitting The Sky

10/24/20110 Comments

Mohawk activist, researcher and empassioned speaker Splitting The Sky joins us once again to discuss his protests of unindicted war criminal George W. Bush, from his infamous arrest by Calgary police as he attempted to enter the Telus Convention Centre to perform a citizen's arrest of the former US President, to his rallying of the protest crowds outside of Bush's Toronto speech and his speech last week in Surrey, B.C.

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Interview 180 - Splitting The Sky

06/19/20100 Comments

John Boncore, aka Splitting The Sky, tells us about his recent court case relating to his attempt to perform a citizens' arrest on George W. Bush last year in Calgary, Canada.

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Episode 093 - Digging Up Skull & Bones

07/05/200912 Comments

Bizarre occult rituals, stolen skulls, drug smuggling, the hidden hand of the patriarchs: Whatever Skull and Bones is, it's not your average fraternity. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take on the Knights of Eulogia and dig up the skeletons in Skull and Bones' tomb.

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Interview 073 - Splitting The Sky

03/23/20091 Comment

Activist, lecturer, author and Mohawk prophet Splitting The Sky joins us once again to talk about his experiences at the Calgary Bush protest where he was arrested and manhandled by the police. We also discuss ways listeners can support him as he faces charges for his attempt to apprehend Bush as a suspected war criminal.

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Interview 069 - Splitting The Sky

03/06/20092 Comments

Mohawk activist, author and lecturer Splitting The Sky joins us to talk about some of his incredible experiences, including his participation in the Attica State prison rebellion of 1971, his 9/11 Truth research, upcoming activism planned around Bush's Calgary visit this month and surviving the institutional genocide inflicted on the native peoples of North America.

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Episode 016 - The Bushes Are Nazis

09/14/20076 Comments

Did you know President Bush's grandfather was involved in a fascist coup to overthrow the American government? Or that he helped fund Hitler through the Union Banking Corp.? Does the skull and bones apple fall far from the tree?

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