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Episode 164 - Dark Legacy

12/08/20100 Comments

This week on 'Documentaries That Matter' we bring you the audio of John Hankey's landmark documentary Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy. This film is also known by its previous title JFK II: The Bush Connection. Please visit thedarklegacy.com for more information and extras related to the film, but please buy your copy of the DVD from Amazon under 'JFK II' in order to make sure the money goes to the filmmaker directly. A version with Japanese subtitles is available.

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Episode 102 - Know Your History: Iran-Contra

10/11/200917 Comments

What happened in the 80s doesn't stay in the 80s. Iran-Contra was an historical moment that reaches forwards and backwards in time to connect some of the key political players of the past 50 years...and exposes the shadow government that has been in operation for decades. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we replace the Orwellian con/text of history by putting Iran-Contra history in context.

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Episode 093 - Digging Up Skull & Bones

07/05/200912 Comments

Bizarre occult rituals, stolen skulls, drug smuggling, the hidden hand of the patriarchs: Whatever Skull and Bones is, it's not your average fraternity. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take on the Knights of Eulogia and dig up the skeletons in Skull and Bones' tomb.

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Episode 016 - The Bushes Are Nazis

09/14/20076 Comments

Did you know President Bush's grandfather was involved in a fascist coup to overthrow the American government? Or that he helped fund Hitler through the Union Banking Corp.? Does the skull and bones apple fall far from the tree?

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