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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Is About To Grow: Here’s What It Means


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization are preparing the ground for India and Pakistan to join the group as full members. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is hailing this “historic” move that will turn the organization into a truly global force. So what is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and what does this latest move mean? Luckily, James has the answers!

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Meet The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

04/22/20174 Comments

When The Shanghai Five held its first presidential summit in China in 1996, this innocuous group hardly registered as a blip on the geopolitical radar. Within just five years, however, the loose-knit cooperative organization of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan was already attracting the attention of some of the premier globalist institutions as a potential opponent to Western imperial hegemony…

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Are All US Presidents Related? – QFC #28 (video)


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Interview 1016 – Tim Ball Outlines 20th Century Theories of Geopolitics

03/19/20156 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of DrTimBall.com joins us again to continue our ongoing exploration of geography, climate and politics. In this conversation we explore 20th century geopolitical theories and theorists, from Ratzel’s Lebensraum to Mackinder’s “Heartland” to Spykman’s “Rimland” to Cohen’s “Divided World.” We also explore the rise of NATO in the mid-20th century and the role of the BRICS in shaping the world of the 21st.

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The Death of King Abdullah and the Future of Oil Geopolitics

02/02/20159 Comments

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Interview 974 – Fairdinkum Radio: Russia, China and Globalization

12/08/20141 Comment

James joins Leon Pittard of Fairdinkum Radio to discuss Russia and China in the New World Order. Topics addressed include the “secret deal” on the MH17 investigation; Ukraine’s missing gold reserves; the end of the South Stream pipeline; China’s involvement in the South China Sea; the role of BRICS in the drive towards globalization; and much more.

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Interview 972 – Financial Survival: Central Asia, Graveyard of Empires?

12/04/20140 Comments

This week on Financial Survival, James and Alfred discuss the strife, conflict and geostrategy in Central Asia. Is it random violence, or part of a plan? Why does the US want to dominate the region, and can they survive the Afghan graveyard of empires? Is war inevitable or merely a useful tool for the powers that shouldn’t be? Find out this and much more in this week’s lively discussion.

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Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia (video)

12/03/20140 Comments

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Interview 970 – Tjeerd Andringa on Conspiracy and Falsifiability

12/01/20148 Comments

Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of GeopoliticsAndCognition.com joins us to discuss a question James posed in the last subscriber video: are conspiracy theories falsifiable? We discuss Karl Popper’s famous “falsification” criteria for the demarcation of science and its potential applicability to geopolitical events. Dr. Andringa also details an approach for how to proceed in developing resilient hypotheses in an unstable, chaotic and non-closed system like global geopolitics.

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Interview 969 – Roundtable with Groningen Students

11/29/20145 Comments

On his tour of the Netherlands James talks with a group of students from the University of Groningen about their course examining the challenges of modern society and the concept of collaborative learning. We discuss the latest episode of The Corbett Report on “China and the New World Order” as well as the alt media and hierarchical structures of control.

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