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Corbett Report Radio 237 - Weather Warfare Explained

10/13/20121 Comment

Tonight we delve into the archives to highlight conversations with Michel Chossudovsky, Rosalind Peterson, Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on the subject of chemtrails, geoengineering, environmental modification and weather warfare. Join us tonight as we delve into the weaponry of the future that's already here in the present.

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Geoengineering for Financial Gain (video)

10/05/20120 Comments

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Corbett Report Radio 232 - Geoengineering for Financial Gain

10/05/20123 Comments

Peter Kirby, author of Chemtrails Exposed, joins us to discuss the chemtrailing agenda, and how weather modification has been exploited by well-connected insiders for financial gain. We also talk about the military applications of this technology and how the Department of Defense has been working on it behind the scenes for decades now.

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Interview 530 - Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood


Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info joins us to discuss some of the latest stories he's covering, including the moves toward bringing the weather manipulation agenda into the open, Rand Paul's moves to shut down alternative journalism at the Senate, and the latest on the terrorist "rebels" in Syria. We also discuss political philosophy and what type of system Jack wants to see take the place of the current mess.

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Corbett Report Radio 089 - Why in the World are They Spraying? with Michael Murphy


The weather outside is frightful, but why do storms, droughts and other weather anomalies seem to be becoming more frequent? Tonight on the program we talk to Michael Murphy of Truth Media Productions about his groundbreaking film, "What in the World Are They Spraying?" We discuss the elements that are already being sprayed in ongoing geoengineering programs, and delve into the topic of his next film: "Why In the World Are They Spraying?"

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Interview 203 - Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin

07/27/20101 Comment

Michael Murphy of Truth Media Productions and G. Edward Griffin of Freedom Force International join us to talk about their forthcoming documentary "What in the World Are They Spraying?" about the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering campaign taking place in our skies.

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Interview 201 - Will Thomas

07/23/20100 Comments

Veteran chemtrail researcher Will Thomas joins us to discuss the toxic substances that are being sprayed in our skies and the possible reasons behind them.

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Episode 138 - Geoengineering and You

07/18/20104 Comments

Running Time: 54:55 Description:As the band of eugenicists attain riches and power, they are moving their geoengineering agenda further into the open. From space mirrors and iron dumping to cloud creation and persistent contrails, billions are being spent on altering our planet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we find out what […]

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Interview 194 - Rosalind Peterson

07/14/20100 Comments

Rosalind Peterson of California SkyWatch joins The Corbett Report to discuss the admitted geoengineering and atmospheric testing programs that are transforming our skies and changing our climate.

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