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Interview 891 - Christopher Black Destroys the Myth of the Rwandan "Genocide"

05/24/20141 Comment

Christopher Black is a Toronto-based international criminal lawyer who has spent the last 14 years successfully defending former Rwandan Gendarmerie General Augustin Ndindiliyimana at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. In that 14 years, Black has uncovered copious evidence about what really happened in the so-called "100 Days" of 1994 and the four year civil war that led up to it. Today on the program, Black shares that information with us and deconstructs the lies that continue to be propagated about the Rwandan genocide.

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Interview 886 - Keith Harmon Snow Reveals the Truth About the Rwandan Genocide

05/17/20146 Comments

Keith Harmon Snow has extensive experience in Africa as a journalist, photographer and genocide investigator who attended the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda. He joins us today to discuss the 20th anniversary of the "100 days" and how the true story of the genocide (and who was really behind it) has been completely inverted by politicians, the press, Hollywood and everyone else with a vested interest in what happened there.

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R2P: Imperial Conquest by Another Name


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Corbett Report Radio 087 - Exposing the Black Genocide with Rev. Clenard Childress


Tonight we talk to Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr. of BlackGenocide.org about the devastation that abortion has wrought in the African-American community, in which 52% of pregnancies now end in abortion. We examine the eugenics-inspired roots of the American Birth Control League and how that ideology has been carried over into the current day and age by the modern-day eugenicsts.

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Corbett Report Radio 040 - Canada's Genocide with Kevin Annett

01/03/20120 Comments

Tonight we talk to Kevin Annett of hiddennolonger.com about the hidden genocide of native schoolchildren that took place in the Canadian residential school system. We hear about Kevin's remarkable story trying to bring this hidden history to the public and some of the grisly discoveries made last month that put an end to the debates and whitewashes about what really happened at the schools.

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