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The One Sentence Summary of the Panama Papers

04/06/20163 Comments

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G20 Funds ISIS, Encryption Psyop, EU Roadblock - New World Next Week


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Interview 1113 - New World Next Week - with James Evan Pilato

11/19/201514 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Russia calls out G20 member nations for funding ISIS; governments use Paris psyop to crack down on encryption; and the EU project disintegrates (for now).

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G20 Rules Make Bank Bail-ins a Reality

01/05/20150 Comments

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Interview 986 - Ellen Brown Explains the New G20 Bank Bail-in Rules

12/23/201415 Comments

Today attorney, author and researcher Ellen Brown of EllenBrown.com joins us to discuss her article on "The Global Bankers’ Coup: Bail-In and the Shadowy Financial Stability Board." We talk about the G20 and their rubber-stamping of the FSB's proposed bail-in rules, what this shadowy body is and how it interlocks with the Bank for International Settlements, and what this means for depositors in the wake of the next banking crisis.

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#SydneySiege, G20 Bail-in, Abe Fever - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

12/19/20142 Comments

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Interview 982 – The Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West

12/18/20140 Comments

This month on The Asia-Pacific Perspective: Australian media goes with "lone wolf" story as #SydneySiege propaganda fails; the G20 sneaks a bail-in agreement in under the radar; and Japan rubber stamps another four years for Abenomics.

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G20 Brisbane - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

11/14/20140 Comments

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Interview 968 – The Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West

11/14/20143 Comments

In this special edition of the Asia-Pacific Perspective, James and Broc look forward to the upcoming G20 Summit in Brisbane. They cover the lockdown of Brisbane, protests, citizen journalism, and the big question: is the G20 even important?

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Global Tax Grid, Hemisphere Project, RFID ID - New World Next Week

09/08/20130 Comments

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