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Corbett Report Radio 269 - Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmm..."

12/12/20120 Comments

We step out of the hard news and geopolitics for a moment tonight to look at some of the stranger stories from the world of science, society and pop culture. From hibernating humans to royal rituals, predictive programming to seizure weapons, tonight's episode covers a range of stories that will make you scratch your head.

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Corbett Report Radio 069 - Religion and the New World Order


The political puppets of our world are at pains to profess their religious piety…but what God are they serving? Tonight we take a look at some of the bizarre occult practices of our so-called leaders, the conscious steering of the world into a New World Religion by the Rockefellers and others, and how the mystery religion insiders believe that they will achieve their own godhood.

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Corbett Report Radio 035 - The Hermetic Code with Frank Albo

12/20/20110 Comments

The Manitoba Legislature building lies at the geographical centre of the North American continent, and as architectural historian Frank Albo has painstakingly documented in his book The Hermetic Code, it contains a wealth of esoteric symbolism and occult knowledge. Join us on tonight's edition of Corbett Report Radio as we seek to crack the code of the remarkable legislature building in Winnipeg, Canada.

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Interview 191 - Freeman Fly

07/09/20101 Comment

Freeman Fly of FreemanTV.com joins us to discuss the signs, symbols and sigils of the secret societies and occult practitioners who haunt the corridors of power.

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Interview 083 - Tony Gosling

05/05/20091 Comment

The webmaster of Bilderberg.org joins The Corbett Report to discuss his years of research into the group and its origins with Nazi sympathizers and Freemasons. We also discuss this year's conference and what information is available on Bilderberg.org.

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Interview 046 - Alan Watt

09/22/20080 Comments

The Corbett Report calls into Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt to find out more about transhumanism, the Masonic agenda, and what we can do to derail the plans to conquer humanity through science.

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