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Interview 1066 – Financial Survival: Free Speech Isn’t Free

07/30/20153 Comments

On this week’s edition of Financial Survival James and Alfred discuss free speech (or lack thereof) in Canada, and whether the US will be far behind with hate speech laws and censorship. Also on the table for discussion: gold market manipulation, the global government agenda and whether the Chinese would make good stewards of the global economy.

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Canada is a Tinpot Dictatorship

07/29/20154 Comments

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Interview 732 – Dan McCall on Parodying the NSA

08/29/20130 Comments

Dan McCall of LibertyManiacs.com joins us to discuss the controversy over his NSA parody t-shirt. We talk about the design and how it was pulled from Zazzle because of a copyright claim by the NSA, and how Dan responded to that claim. We also discuss the law that the NSA is attempting to cite in its takedown of the design and the ramifications for free speech in the United States.

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Truth Art (video)

08/25/20130 Comments

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Episode 278 – Truth Art

08/24/20130 Comments

Tyrants throughout the ages have feared the revolutionary potential of art, and the tyrants of our own day are no exception. But just as art can be used to expand consciousness, it can be used against us to keep us locked in the control grid. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we talk to some of the artists who are attempting to spread the truth message through their work…and the propaganda that the powers that shouldn’t be are using to counter it.

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Interview 726 – Peter Santa-Maria on Art With a Message

08/22/20130 Comments

Peter Santa-Maria is a Cuban-American artist who mixes humor, pop culture iconography and powerful political statements to create exciting, cutting edge art with a truth message. Today he joins us to discuss his life and work, and dissect some of his most popular images. View and purchase Peter’s art from his website, AttackThePlanet.com.

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Health Freedom and Freedom of Speech


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Interview 525 – Leon Pittard on Free Speech in Australia


Leon Pittard of FairdinkumRadio.com joins us to discuss the Australian government’s attempt to censor his website for its promotion of natural health alternatives. We discuss the complaint that he has received from the Australian government over his guest’s attempt to share her personal experience of the therapeutic effects of Black Salve, and the ramifications this has on the issue of free speech in Australia, and freedom of expression on the internet.

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