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White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria

06/29/201762 Comments

The White House announced on Monday that they are preparing to frame Syrian President Assad for the next chemical weapon attack in Syria, essentially giving the green light to their Al-CIA-da forces to proceed with another false flag event. So who is behind this, what is at stake, and where is the attack likely to take place? Join James for this Thought For The Day as he goes over the latest information on this false flag attack and solicits your participation in an open source investigation.

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Mir-ror Payments, False Flag Refugee, Taxing Tweets – New World Next Week


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Interview 1274 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/04/201758 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Russia rolls out its Visa/Mastercard alternative; it’s Gladio B redux as a German soldier is caught posing as a refugee to stage terror; and the Austrian government tries to tax internet activity like searching, tweeting and liking.

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The Deep State Gives Trump His False Flag Briefing

02/25/201714 Comments

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US Naval False Flags: A Brief History

10/29/201611 Comments

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Interview 1220 – From Anthrax to Iraq with Robbie Martin

10/19/201613 Comments

Robbie Martin of AVeryHeavyAgenda.com joins us to talk about his research into the anthrax attacks of 2001. We discuss how false information claiming an Iraqi link to the attacks was sowed via the mainstream media and how the story largely disappeared when the anthrax traced back to the US government’s own bioweapons labs. We also update the case and talk about some of the legitimate suspects in the attacks.

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About those Turkish nukes…

07/23/201624 Comments

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Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags

07/08/201648 Comments

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A Brief History of False Flag Drills

07/02/20167 Comments

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Training Exercise Mistaken for Real Event, Military Base Goes Into Lockdown

07/01/20163 Comments

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