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The Weird DARPA/Facebook “Coincidence” You Never Heard About

07/05/201849 Comments

Ever hear about “Lifelog?” You know, the DARPA project to create an automatically updated, itemized, organized, electronic list of every interaction you have, every event you attend, every place you go and everything you do? The project that was announced as canceled the very same day Facebook launched? Well, neither had I? In today’s Thought for the Day we explore the Lifelog/Facebook “coincidence” and what it tells us about our wired world.

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All Your Data Are Belong to Them

04/15/201817 Comments

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The Corbett Report (Is Not On Facebook) – Scorpio Remix

01/16/20188 Comments

Hey, have you heard? The Corbett Report is not on Facebook! Special thanks to Scorpio of the band “Batlord” for the song. Check them out at Batlord.com!

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#Winning: Facebook “Fake News” Flag Makes People MORE Likely to Click

01/09/201817 Comments

Fakebook has had to ditch its fake news flag after finding that people don’t just blindly listen to them when they declare something to be fake! Imagine that! Happy new year everyone!

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Interview 1294 – James Corbett on Declare Your Independence

08/24/20178 Comments

James joins Ernest Hancock on “Declare Your Independence” for their bi-monthly round-up of stories from across The Corbett Report universe. This time they discuss how everything old is new again as all the things James has been documenting for years finally starts to reach the public consciousness.

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Zuck For Pres 2020: The Nightmare Begins

08/12/201748 Comments

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