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Interview 757 – The Geneva Business Insider with David Smith

10/03/20130 Comments

David L. Smith of the Geneva Business Insider blog joins for our monthly conversation on world events. This month we discuss Smith’s article on JP Morgan’s manipulations and dissect the bizarro economics of our quantitative easing era. We also touch on the unfolding Euro crisis.

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Interview 756 – Radio Liberty: Italian Crack-up, Japanese Jokers and America “Shutdown”

10/02/20130 Comments

This week on Radio Liberty, James and Dr. Stan discuss the fallout in the Eurozone over the Italian political wrangling of recent days and the ongoing Greek crisis, as well as Japan’s moves to raise consumption taxes to “save the economy” and the ongoing shutdown brouhaha in the US. They also take your calls on a variety of topics, from moves to supplant the dollar as a world reserve to the persistent rumor that the Fed will end on its 100th anniversary.

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Interview 632 – Radio Liberty: Fallout from Cyprus

03/26/20131 Comment

The Cyprus aftermath is just beginning to work its way through the markets as investors struggle to understand what the Cypriot “bail-in” means for the future of the Eurozone. Now reports are emerging that many of the large, uninsured Russian depositors managed to get their money out the “back door” through affiliate banks and branch offices in other countries even as ordinary Cypriots will have to wait until Thursday to get their money. The EU has also apparently threatened Latvia against wooing any potential Russian depositors toward their banking system. This week on his weekly appearance on Radio Liberty, James Corbett discusses the deal and its fallout with Dr. Stan Monteith.

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Interview 630 – Radio Liberty: The Cyprus Event

03/19/20130 Comments

Every Monday afternoon James Corbett joins Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty to talk world finance, economics, and geopolitics. This week we discuss the bombshell events in Cyprus over the weekend as the banks shut down and the government prepares to confiscate a portion of their customers’ savings? Is this the beginning of a wider Eurozone meltdown? Is this the sign of things to come in the unfolding economic collapse?

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Italian Clowns, False (Housing) Starts, Swiss Update

03/08/20130 Comments

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Interview 619 – The Geneva Business Insider with David L. Smith

03/07/20131 Comment

David L. Smith of GenevaBusinessInsider.blogspot.com joins us for our monthly discussion on economics, finance and politics. This month we cover the Italian elections and the future of the Euro, the new governor of the Bank of Japan, the phoney housing “recovery” in the US, and the latest on the Swiss citizen initiative to account for the country’s gold.

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Interview 596 – Radio Liberty: As The World Turns, The Euro Burns

02/05/20130 Comments

Every Monday afternoon James Corbett joins Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty to talk world finance, economics, and geopolitics. This week they discuss the latest news rocking the Euro and its knock-on effects on world markets. Other topics include unemployment, the “echo bubble” in housing, the phasing out of cash, and much more.

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sElection Fallout, GMOs, Police State and Other News (video)

11/09/20120 Comments

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Corbett Report Radio 255 – sElection Fallout, GMOs, Police State and Other News

11/09/20121 Comment

Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James goes over the latest news from around the world, including the fallout from the 2012 Presidential sElection, the latest news on the GMO front, more signs of the pervasive police state and other news from Asia to South America to Europe.

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The Euro Crisis: Origins and Outcomes (video)


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