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How to Be Rich and Own People

05/09/201529 Comments

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Interview 1031 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

04/25/20152 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: plane hacking goes mainstream; scientists admit to editing babies’ genes; and obesity is falling in the UK.

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Interview 1005 – Alex Tsakiris Argues That Science Is Wrong About Almost Everything

02/19/201529 Comments

Today James talks with Alex Tsakiris, host of Skeptiko and author of “Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything,” about the nature of consciousness and the failure of the “biological robot” paradigm. We discuss science as a methodology vs. science as a cultural, societal and political authority, and talk about the nature and likelihood of a true revolution in consciousness.

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Interview 983 – Financial Survival: Technocracy, Eugenics, and Depopulation

12/18/20142 Comments

Every week James joins Alfred Adask on Financial Survival to discuss politics, economy and society. This week they discuss rule by technocrats, the driving ideology of eugenics, and depopulation…Bill Gates style.

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What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11? (video)

08/07/20142 Comments

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Interview 917 – Truth Over Comfort: The Truth About American Eugenics

07/14/20145 Comments

James Corbett joins Carlos Morales on the Truth Over Comfort podcast to discuss the history and development of eugenics. From its ideological origins in the 19th century British gentry to its adoption and application in the United States in the sterilization laws of the 20th century, we discuss the past, present and future of the eugenics-obsessed elite.

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Planned Parenthood Exposed (video)

06/15/20131 Comment

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Episode 271 – Planned Parenthood Exposed

06/15/20134 Comments

Although the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Gates are happy to sing its praises (or perhaps because they are), Planned Parenthood has a racist eugenicist past that it would prefer to sweep under the rug. The bigger problem for the organization, though, is that the past isn’t over and the public is beginning to discover the real driving force behind this globalist institution. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we pull back the curtain and expose Margaret Sanger’s monstrous offspring: Planned Parenthood.

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Interview 667 – James Corbett Explains the Transhumanist Nightmare

05/29/20131 Comment

Daniel Estulin interviews James Corbett for his Spanish-language television program Desde la sombra about transhumanism, eugenics, and the future of humanity. In this important interview, James explains the origins of transhumanism and its ties to eugenics. He also outlines the transhumanist endgame and what a future society will look like if man does merge with machine.

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Scandal Week, Angelina Eugenics, Mini Bilderberg – New World Next Week

05/17/20131 Comment

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