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Off Again, On Again: Russia and Turkey Revive Turkish Stream

10/12/20164 Comments

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BayerSanto, President Dimon, EU Army – New World Next Week


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Interview 1210 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/15/201616 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: Bayer and Monsanto birth a Big Ag/Big Pharma/GMO monstrosity; Jamie Dimon would love to be President; and the EU preps for the continental army.

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Taxation is Theft: EU Edition

08/31/201627 Comments

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Why Brexit Is A Blow to the Oligarchs


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Interview 1195 – Michel Chossudovsky Explains Why Brexit Is A Blow to the Oligarchs

07/21/201639 Comments

In order to understand Brexit in its full historical context, we must know about the origins and motivations for the formation of the European Union and the forces that have shaped the EU bureaucracy into an arm of the IMF/World Bank-led Wall Street hegemon. Today Professor Michel Chossudovsky joins us to expose the EU as the imperial project that it always was, and the growing movement against EU domination as an anti-imperial movement of world historical importance.

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Interview 1188 – James Corbett Explains What Everybody’s Missing About Brexit

07/09/201636 Comments

“Brexit is good!” cheer the nationalists. “No, it’s a travesty!” cry the globalists. “No, it’s a trap!” cry the conspiracists. So who’s right? All of them. Or none of them. As James explains on his recent appearance on WGDR radio with Jim Hogue, Brexit is a destabilizing move that can be used by the globalists to create order out of chaos or used by us to effect the only revolution that really matters: the revolution of the mind. Don’t miss this wide ranging conversation on the multiple origins of the EU, the 3D moves of the Gladio globalists, and how the real power lies with the people (if only they’d realize it).

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EU Unmasked: After Brexit, Plans for Full EU Superstate Revealed

06/28/201629 Comments

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Brexit: What Does It Mean?

06/26/201623 Comments

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Brexit Wins! Cameron Resigns!! EUpocalypse Now!!!

06/24/201637 Comments

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