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Interview 969 – Roundtable with Groningen Students

11/29/20145 Comments

On his tour of the Netherlands James talks with a group of students from the University of Groningen about their course examining the challenges of modern society and the concept of collaborative learning. We discuss the latest episode of The Corbett Report on “China and the New World Order” as well as the alt media and hierarchical structures of control.

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The Answer to Common Core: Alternative Models of Education

06/05/20140 Comments

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Why Common Core Must Be Opposed

05/28/20140 Comments

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Interview 872 – Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood

05/01/20140 Comments

Jack Blood of DeadlineLive.info and RadioFreeBlood.com joins us for our monthly run-down of news and headlines from across America and around the globe. This month we pick up on the Bundy ranch situation and what this tells us about government tyranny and the public’s divided response to it. We also touch on the psycho-pharmacological industrial complex with over 7.5% of American school children now taking psych meds.

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Alexis Psyop, School Sucks, Panera Cares – New World Next Week

09/20/20130 Comments

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Solutions: Peaceful Parenting (video)

06/08/20130 Comments

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Interview 652 – James Corbett on Collectivism, Terrorism and Education

04/19/20130 Comments

James Corbett appears on The School Sucks Podcast to discuss the process of waking up, the ills of collectivism, the mis-education system, and other topics.

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Interview 586 – James Corbett on Traces of Reality

01/24/20130 Comments

James Corbett appears on Traces of Reality with Guillermo Jimenez for a wide-ranging conversation on education, alternative media, politics and Paulitics and much, much more.

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Trivium, Conspiracies and Alt Media – James Corbett on Breaking the Set

01/16/20130 Comments

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Interview 573 – Education vs. Schooling: James Corbett on Smells Like Podcast

01/07/20130 Comments

Is the purpose of mass education social upliftment, or rather, social control? To explore this question, James Corbett makes his third appearance on the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast (previously here and here). This was a fantastic episode which will be sure to get a lot of you thinking.

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