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SEC Launches (Glitchy) Database To Prevent Another Flash Crash

11/17/201837 Comments

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How (Not) To Pop A Bubble

10/28/201841 Comments

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Interview 1392 – James Corbett on the Truth About the Trade War

10/01/201829 Comments

With yet another Fed rate hike having taken place recently, and with Jerome Powell signaling aggressive rate hikes going forward, analysts and investors are wondering if, and when, the American economy is going to start feeling the pain. Crush The Street talks to James Corbett about rate hikes, trade wars and engineered financial conflicts.

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Longest Bull Run in History!!! What Could Go Wrong???

08/26/201839 Comments

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Interview 1380 – Money Magic and the Scramble for Africa

08/24/201830 Comments

James joins Melody Cedarstrom for his regular appearance on Financial Survival. This week they discuss the monetary system upon which the political puppet show is based and the scramble for African resources that is shaping up between the US and China.

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Global Economy: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

07/07/201848 Comments

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From Trade War to Hot War (via Global Economic Collapse)

07/01/201825 Comments

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Down With The Ship: Meet Jay Powell, the New Fed Chairman

02/17/201812 Comments

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True Lies: The Financial Press Just Admitted the Markets are a Sham

01/21/20184 Comments

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Interview 1332 – Financial Survival in the Civilization Clash

12/09/201720 Comments

James Corbett joins Alfred Adask on the Financial Survival program every other week to discuss politics, finance, economics and society. This time they talk about Trump’s plan to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and the next stage of the Clash of Civilizations; the move to the exit of the US dollar; and what really underlies “the economy.”

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