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The Next World Reserve Currency Will Not Be A National Currency

04/07/201927 Comments

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Defusing China's "Nuclear Option" Myth

04/08/201812 Comments

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Interview 1084 - Financial Survival: Economics is Not Science

09/03/20152 Comments

This week on Financial Survival James and Alfred discuss how central banks manufacture our economic reality, not out of immutable laws of nature, but on the back of an agreed upon medium of exchange whose rules and conditions they set. We talk about the ramifications of these central bank manipulations on the economy as a whole and what this means for the future of the world.

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Shemitah 2015 - Prediction or Quackery?


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Interview 1083 - Berwick and Corbett Debate the Shemitah

09/02/201534 Comments

Today James is joined by Jeff Berwick of dollarvigilante.com to discuss his new video "Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015" and his forthcoming book on the subject. They share their views of what the Shemitah is and isn't and discuss the value of promoting this prophecy as a warning for the coming financial chaos.

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China Just Started A Currency War: Here's what it means for you

08/12/201520 Comments

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Interview 1014 - Financial Survival: Why the Dollar is Rising, and How it Will Fall

03/14/20154 Comments

The USDX has been rising steadily since last summer...but why? Can it be sustained? Is the dollar due for a fall, and if so, what is going to take its place. Join James and Alfred for their weekly conversation on finance and politics as they discuss the dollar, the Fed, the Eurozone, the yuan, the SDR, and the fate of the global economy.

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China's SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

03/12/20158 Comments

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Interview 903 - James Corbett on the Failings (and Promise) of the Alt Media

06/19/20140 Comments

Today James appears on The Sage of Quay Radio Hour to discuss how the alt media is failing to live up to its promise of providing a true alternative to MSM propaganda by constantly reacting to the MSM memes and idea, and how the independent media can overcome this by promoting the positive solutions and alternative infrastructures that are now possible. We also discuss what Edward Snowden and his "revelations" really mean and then wrap up with James giving his insights on the de-dollarization being pursued by the BRICS alliance lead by Russia.

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Interview 549 - David L. Smith on The Race to Debase

10/18/20120 Comments

David L. Smith of the Geneva Business Insider joins us to discuss the currency war underlying the global quantitative easing craze. From Europe to the UK to the US to East Asia, central banks around the world are engaged in a race to the bottom, and as usual it's the average joe who pays the price. Today we talk about this trade war by proxy and its consequences, as well as how people can protect their wealth for whatever financial turmoil might be coming.

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