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Interview 1102 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

10/24/201511 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: The Obamessiah descends on West Virginia to lecture on drugs; Cops request DNA from private DNA databases; and Dupont loses first of 3500 lawsuits over Teflon poisoning.

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Interview 1055 - James Corbett on Jay's Analysis

06/14/20153 Comments

James Corbett joined me to discuss 9/11 and its lesser-known connections to tech and economic scams and scandals, as well as the suspicious aspects of big insurance companies, global banking, and the rise of the technological control grid. The conversation closes on issues of China and BRICS and his own book recommendations.

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DNA Shaming: Welcome to Orwell's Nightmare

05/27/20158 Comments

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You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid

03/24/201520 Comments

Half a century ago people had to be reassured their social security card was not being used for identification. Now there are federally standardized and globally synchronized ID cards, government-sponsored online ID projects, DNA databases, and even secret databases of your newborn baby's genetic information and nobody bats an eyelid. How did we get here, and how can we break this conditioning?

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Episode 118 - Who Owns Your DNA?

02/21/20104 Comments

Running Time: 58:06 Description:This week we discuss the tightening DNA control grid. Empowered by our own interest and enforced by the law, we are being catalogued at birth without our knowledge or consent. Join The Corbett Report for a discussion about the DNA databases with Greg Nikolettos of We The People Will Not Be Chipped […]

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Interview 118 - Greg Nikolettos

12/22/20090 Comments

Greg Nikolettos joins us once again to discuss the technological control grid. This time we discuss the DNA databases that are being compiled everywhere around the world, and the real agenda behind them.

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