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Corbett Report Radio 167 – The Anti-Communitarian League with Niki Raapana


Today on the broadcast we welcome Niki Raapana, blogger, campaigner and author of The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto. We discuss the history of the communitarian philosophy, why it is a danger, and what people can do to opt out of the communitarian agenda.

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Interview 034 – Paul Collins and Phil Collins

06/15/20080 Comments

Researchers and authors Paul and Phillip D. Collins join us to talk about Hegel’s dialectic, deep politics and how Michael Corbin guided them in their research before his tragic passing earlier this year.

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Interview 033 – Alan Watt

06/13/20080 Comments

The Corbett Report calls Alan Watt’s radio program to get some information about G.W.F. Hegel and the dialectic.

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