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The Terrorists Behind Canada's "Anti-Terror" Law

08/01/20152 Comments

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Interview 966 - Dan Dicks on The Ottawa Shooting

11/06/20143 Comments

Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca joins us to talk about the recent shooting in Canadian Parliament. We discuss the government's eagerness to label this a "terrorist act" and use it to help justify new "anti-terror" legislation, as well as the Canadian public's reaction to this propaganda campaign.

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Episode 003 - Investigate Air India

06/15/20070 Comments

The 22nd anniversary of the Air India Flight Flight 182 disaster will be next week. The disaster stands as the greatest mass murder in Canadian history. Stunning revelations coming out of the Air India inquiry in Ottawa add to the growing body of evidence that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was intimately involved with the bombing.

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