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Are All US Presidents Related? – QFC #28 (video)


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Are All US Presidents Related? – Questions For Corbett #028

02/13/201644 Comments

Did you know that Cheney and Obama are eighth cousins? Or that Obama and McCain were 22nd cousins? Or that every US president in history can trace their roots back to British royalty? Is it true, and if so, what does it mean? Join James for this month’s edition of Questions For Corbett where he ponders this as well as natural monopolies, the viability of conspiracy theories, peak oil, 3D chess and more.

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911+14, Conspiracy Psychology, More MediaMonarchy – New World Next Week


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Interview 1087 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/10/201525 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: the 9/11 terror psyop turns 14; a new study shows “conspiracy theory” is losing its edge; and MediaMonarchy returns with a vengeance as James quits his corporate job.

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ISIS Furious About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories!

05/24/20151 Comment

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Are Conspiracy Theories Falsifiable?

12/02/20142 Comments

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Interview 970 – Tjeerd Andringa on Conspiracy and Falsifiability

12/01/20148 Comments

Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of GeopoliticsAndCognition.com joins us to discuss a question James posed in the last subscriber video: are conspiracy theories falsifiable? We discuss Karl Popper’s famous “falsification” criteria for the demarcation of science and its potential applicability to geopolitical events. Dr. Andringa also details an approach for how to proceed in developing resilient hypotheses in an unstable, chaotic and non-closed system like global geopolitics.

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Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!!!

10/08/20144 Comments

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Little Brother vs. Big Brother? – Lionel on The Eyeopener

10/02/20140 Comments

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Interview 947 – Lionel Breaks Down Little Brother

10/01/201415 Comments

We all know Big Brother; the all-seeing, all-knowing character that presides over the Orwellian surveillance society. But what about Little Brother? Is it possible to use the technology of the police state to undermine that tyranny, or is that the trap that is being set for us? Today we are joined by veteran trial lawyer and radio broadcaster Lionel of LionelMedia.com to discuss these and other issues. Don’t miss this fascinating, fast-paced and in-depth discussion on tyranny, surveillance, conspiracy and resistance.

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