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Corbett Report Radio 097 - Farm Wars with Barbara Peterson


The fight for our freedom starts at home, and for a dwindling number of Americans home is the family farm. Tonight we talk to Barbara H. Peterson of FarmWars.info about the fight to save the family farm from the biochemical, gmo and corporate/governmental attacks that are threatening our very food supply. We also discuss what can be done to take matters back into our own hands.

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Corbett Report Radio 072 - Control the Food, Control the People


If it is true, as Kissinger has been alleged to say, that "Who controls the food supply controls the people" then food is a weapon on the geopolitical stage. It can be wielded for depopulation strategies through foreign policy. It can be controlled, limited and manipulated through international treaties. It can be used to eliminate small farmers and force a nation onto industrial farming controlled by Big Agra. But in the same way, it is a weapon each of us can wield by taking food production into our own hands. Join us tonight on Corbett Report Radio as we explore the problems and solutions of the food supply.

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Interview 380 - Bob Chapman

10/03/20110 Comments

Regular weekly guest, Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster joins us to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protests and the possibility for a true revolution in understanding about the way power operates in American society. We also discuss health and health freedom issues.

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Episode 059 - Codex Alimentarius

10/12/20084 Comments

This week we explore the plan to criminalize vitamins and minerals, mandate the irradiation of all food, inject every cow with Monsanto growth hormones and promote the consumption of GMO food. Implementation date: Dec. 31, 2009. Location: All WTO member states. Meet codex alimentarius.

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