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Weather Is Not Climate!

11/29/201662 Comments

No, weather is NOT climate…even when it’s warm outside. But in case there’s a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise, here are some facts about global warming climate change climate disruption global weirding and vaguely-defined “extreme” weather that you can use to talk some sense into them.

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Who Wants To Be A Carbon Trillionaire?

09/26/201645 Comments

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Judith Curry Explains “The Republic of Science”

06/12/20161 Comment

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Interview 1177 – Judith Curry on The Republic of Science

06/10/201612 Comments

Dr. Judith Curry is a climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology who went from the “high priestess of global warming” to a “climate heretic” after realizing she had been duped by the IPCC. Today she joins us to talk about her recent breakdown of Michael Polanyi’s 1962 article “The Republic of Science.” Topics discussed include the science/policy nexus, the breakdown of the old norms of scientific research, and how the internet is helping to revolutionize science.

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Interview 1141 – Declare Your Independence with James Corbett

02/25/20163 Comments

Today James joins Ernest Hancock for his regular bi-monthly appearance on “Declare Your Independence.” Topics discussed include the hundred trillion dollar bankster climate swindle, the latest from Syria and how “The Big Short” almost got it right.

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And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle…

02/24/20166 Comments

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Interview 1125 – James Corbett Discusses Carbon Rations on X22 Report

01/19/201662 Comments

James Corbett joins Dave of X22 Report to talk about the global warming narrative and its carbon ration end game. Topics discussed include the global average temperature construction, the carbon ration control grid, and the economics of technocracy.

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A Message to the Environmental Movement [HD]

11/24/201527 Comments

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The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics

11/15/20153 Comments

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Interview 1111 – Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocrats’ Climate Eugenics Agenda

11/13/201513 Comments

Previously on The Corbett Report we discussed the technocratic agenda of the Trilaterals and their globalist ilk with “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood. Today Wood joins us once again to discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats’ plan to control the world’s resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity.

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