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A Q&A On "Objective" Journalism

05/29/20164 Comments

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Interview 1116 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

12/03/20151 Comment

This week on the New World Next Week: new tech aims to authenticate citizen journalist footage; the NSA pretends to shut down its metadata collection program; and a group proposes a third amendment challenge to the NSA.

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Interview 1052 - Financial Survival: The State of the Internet

06/11/20152 Comments

This week in their weekly conversation on geopolitics, the economy and social matters, James and Alfred discuss the social and cultural ramifications of the internet revolution, from the rise of citizen journalism and citizen journalists to the formation of new modes of economic organization. They also talk about the rise of Chinese nationalism, and the use of the oil weapon against the Soviets.

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Another Nineteen - Kevin Ryan on GRTV

09/15/20130 Comments

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Interview 744 - Kevin Ryan Exposes "Another 19" 9/11 Suspects

09/09/20130 Comments

9/11 researcher Kevin Ryan of Digwithin.net joins us once again to discuss his new must-read book, "Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects." We discuss some of the individuals and corporations identified in his book and those who have helped to cover up investigations of them, as well as what works like this can accomplish and where the 9/11 truth movement should head from here.

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Interview 741 - Jeremy Rys Identifies the Real 9/11 Suspects

09/05/20131 Comment

Today we are joined by Jeremy Rys of AlienScientist.com to discuss his research into the people and corporations behind 9/11, including his landmark work, "9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!" We talk about Project Hammer, AIG, Marsh & McLennan, Stratesec, Kroll Associates, L. Paul Bremer, Joseph Kasputys, Bernard Kerik and many more. We also discuss the possibility that these suspects will eventually be indicted for their actions on and around 9/11.

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Interview 643 - Kevin Carson on "Objective" Journalism

04/04/20134 Comments

Today we talk to Kevin Carson of the Center for a Stateless Society (c4ss.org) about his article, Against "Objective" Journalism. We discuss the nature of the so-called mainstream media's "objective" journalism paradigm and the societal conditioning that encourages us to accept the pronouncements of experts. We also explore an alternative paradigm of citizen-based distributed knowledge and a dialectical method of arriving at truth.

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Interview 448 - Carlos Miller on Filming the Police

01/12/20120 Comments

Carlos Miller of the "Photography is Not a Crime" blog joins us to discuss his multiple arrests for photographing police officers in public, and how he managed to get the cases thrown out of court. We discuss the laws for filming in public in the US and how a digital camera-armed citizen media movement is turning the balance of power in the infowar away from the establishment.

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Interview 326 - Matias Rojas

05/05/20110 Comments

Citizen journalist Matias Rojas joins us from Chile to discuss his work confronting David Rockefeller, protesting the recent visit of President Obama, exposing the terror lies of the Chilean government and more.

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Interview 294 - James Corbett on The Alex Jones Show

02/23/20110 Comments

James Corbett appears on The Alex Jones Show to discuss how free humanity is waking up to the eugenics control grid...and how the elite are trying to suppress that awakening. Alex Jones also announces that James Corbett may be a guest host on the program in the future.

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