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Interview 201 - Will Thomas

07/23/20100 Comments

Veteran chemtrail researcher Will Thomas joins us to discuss the toxic substances that are being sprayed in our skies and the possible reasons behind them.

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Episode 138 - Geoengineering and You

07/18/20104 Comments

Running Time: 54:55 Description:As the band of eugenicists attain riches and power, they are moving their geoengineering agenda further into the open. From space mirrors and iron dumping to cloud creation and persistent contrails, billions are being spent on altering our planet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we find out what […]

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Interview 194 - Rosalind Peterson

07/14/20100 Comments

Rosalind Peterson of California SkyWatch joins The Corbett Report to discuss the admitted geoengineering and atmospheric testing programs that are transforming our skies and changing our climate.

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Episode 040 - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

05/04/20085 Comments

Obama's pastor recently made some controversial remarks about AIDS as a biological weapon and the truth about Saddam's stockpiles. So is there any truth to his claims? Welcome to the quiet war.

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