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Interview 1446 - James Corbett on The Post-Carbon Energy Eugenics Hoax

06/01/201947 Comments

James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas of The Ripple Effect and Jeffrey Wilson and Pat Miletich of Conspiracy Farm for another roundtable swapcast. This time they break down the history of Big Oil carbon eugenics agenda and the future of the technocratic post-carbon world.

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Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice - #PropagandaWatch

03/13/201977 Comments

The propagandists are in overdrive shoving "climate grief" down our collective throats. And the next step in that indoctrination, the acceptance of climate eugenics to atone for our climate sins, is almost here. Join James for this week's important edition of #PropagandaWatch dissecting the dangerous lies that are being pushed in the name of the environment.

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Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! - #PropagandaWatch

10/17/201868 Comments

As predicted, the IPCC has released their hot air report on 1.5C of global warming and the lamestream fake news lying establishment lapdog media is hyping it as the end of the world as we know it...unless you pay the globalists more money to atone for your carbon sins, of course. This week on #PropagandaWatch James breaks down the latest propaganda push for carbon eugenics and what it means for the coming technocratic slave state.

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Interview 1308 - James Corbett on The Last American Vagabond

10/17/201719 Comments

James Corbett appears on The Last American Vagabond to discuss How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World.

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Interview 1125 - James Corbett Discusses Carbon Rations on X22 Report

01/19/201662 Comments

James Corbett joins Dave of X22 Report to talk about the global warming narrative and its carbon ration end game. Topics discussed include the global average temperature construction, the carbon ration control grid, and the economics of technocracy.

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The Dark Agenda Behind the Resource-Based Economy

05/29/20151 Comment

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Interview 980 - Tim Ball Lets the Hot Air Out of the Lima Climate Deal

12/15/201438 Comments

Dr. Tim Ball of drtimball.com joins us once again to discuss the latest climate talks in Lima, Peru. We examine the foundations of the IPCC and UNFCCC, their tie-in to Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome, the issue of science vs. politics, and the agenda that is driving the climate change debate.

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Corbett Report Radio 091 - The Eugenics Agenda


Tonight on Corbett Report Radio James dips into the corbettreport.com archive for interviews, articles and episodes that help to shine light on the eugenics agenda and the "elite's" obsession with preserving their genes...and eliminating ours.

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Corbett Report Radio 083 - The Technocratic "Smart" Grid with Patrick Wood


The digital smart meters that are being installed across America and around the world are just the thin edge of the wedge in the implementation of a global smart grid -- a system of total information and total control over the energy and appliances in our own homes. The smart grid itself is the apple in the eye of the Technocrats, a group of would-be social engineers and world controllers who dream of a world where people will be controlled with energy credits and carbon allowances. Joining us tonight to break down the technocratic history behind this global grid is Patrick Wood, editor of The August Forecast and Review.

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Prosperity or Suicide: A tale of two climate policies

11/07/20110 Comments

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