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The Poetry of F.R. Scott


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The Poetry of F.R. Scott – FLNWO #36

06/29/20169 Comments

Francis Reginald Scott was a celebrated Canadian lawyer, constitutional expert, translator and poet. And he was also the father of Peter Dale Scott. And the man who advised Pierre Elliott Trudeau to invoke the War Measures Act in 1970. Join us for this exploration of the poetry, life and fascinating career of F.R. Scott with the world’s foremost researcher on deep politics, Peter Dale Scott.

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Interview 1114 – PFT Live on the Syria Crisis

11/25/20156 Comments

Today on Press For Truth Live Dan Dicks is joined on the line by James Corbett of corberttreport.com to talk about the downing of a Russian Jet by Turkish forces and what the implications are during the build up toward a Third World War and we’ll also be speaking in studio with Paul Verge of tragedyandhope.com to discus the war in the middle east and the Syrian refugee situation.

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Welcome to the Oil World Order

10/24/201543 Comments

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Canada Votes For 4 More Years of Oligarchy


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Interview 1100 – Dissecting the Trudeau Hype with Dan Dicks

10/21/20158 Comments

Canadians enthusiastically lined up on Monday to vote in yet another term of Bilderberg crony oligarchical globalist government. Joining us in the election hangover to dissect the propaganda and unmask the Trudeau deception is Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca.

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And the winner of the Canadian election is…

10/20/20155 Comments

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Chinese Parade, NATO Immigration, Harper Song – New World Next Week

09/05/20150 Comments

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Interview 1085 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/03/20153 Comments

This week on the New World Next Week: China sends Navy ships off Alaska coast during Obama visit; the West’s warmongering goes unexamined in the EU immigration story; and a Canadian public servant is investigated for his anti-Harper protest song.

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Is The Anarchist Cookbook A Psyop? – QFC #024


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