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You Won't Believe The SHOCKING Truth About the Iraq War Revealed in AMAZING New Memo!!!

10/18/20153 Comments

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Why Jeb Bush Must Not Become President

03/31/201529 Comments

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How many TRILLIONS did the Pentagon "lose"? - QFC

10/31/20148 Comments

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How many TRILLIONS did the Pentagon "lose"? - Questions For Corbett #018

10/28/201427 Comments

In this edition of "Questions For Corbett" James fields your queries on the importance of drills, the Pentagon's missing trillions, Prescott Bush and the Union Banking Corporation, government-run human experiments and much more.

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US Judges Rule Government is Above Law (Video)

10/18/20110 Comments

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Interview 368 - Kevin Ryan

09/01/20110 Comments

9/11 researcher Kevin Ryan joins us once again to discuss one of his latest articles, Playing the "Get into Saudi Arabia free card". We discuss how the numerous leads pointing to possible Saudi involvement in 9/11 could be used to form a casus belli for seizing the world's largest oil reserves even as the intimate relationship of American government, intelligence and corporate actors with the House of Saud goes completely overlooked.

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Episode 196 - Where Were They On 9/11?

08/20/20111 Comment

The question is simple, but the answers are surprising. Join us this week as we delve into the whereabouts and actions of some of the key players on 9/11.

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Interview 268 - Jim DiEugenio and Seamus Coogan

01/02/20110 Comments

Jim DiEugenio of CTKA.net joins us to discuss his work on the JFK assassination and his refutation of the thesis that George H.W. Bush was involved in the case. Afterward, Seamus Coogan joins us from New Zealand to discuss his work at CTKA and the significance of the Christchurch Star enigma.

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Interview 258 - John Hankey

12/04/20100 Comments

We talk to John Hankey, the creator of the landmark documentaries JFK II: The Bush Connection and The Assassination of JFK Jr. about his work and the incredible details linking George HW Bush to the JFK assassination. We also discuss brand new evidence that puts GHW Bush closer to the crime than ever.

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